About Us

ICC Ghana, one of the world business organization’s 89 national committees located worldwide, was re-launched in March 2014. The relaunch, in one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, is set to strengthen the presence of ICC in Africa and further expand ICC’s extensive global network that currently comprises 6.5 million enterprises in over 130 countries. ICC’s strengthened presence in Ghana will help to bring international business concerns to the attention of Ghana’s government.

ICC Ghana is led by its Chairman Alhaji Asoma Banda with daily operations overseen by Secretary General Emmanuel Doni-Kwame, who is also Managing Director of the World Trade Centre in Accra. The new structure of ICC Ghana allows a new generation of dynamic lawyers in Ghana to benefit from and participate in the work of the Court and help to step up its activity in Africa.”

ICC Ghana offers its Members free contact with the different specialized ICC commissions and access to documents and publications issued by these bodies. Among other activities, ICC Ghana organizes, on a regular basis, seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics of international trade and provides its Members all information they might need within the matters addressed by the ICC policy commissions.

ICC Ghana is also responsible for the distribution of ICC publications in Ghana. Any company, association, individual or any local or regional organization representing economic and professional interests of its members may be a member of ICC Ghana.


ICC Ghana envisioning the future

ICC Ghana is strongly engaged in setting up a hearing centre for the Court of Arbitration at the World Trade Centre in Accra so as to encourage the use of Accra as a place for Arbitration and dispute resolution in Africa.

ICC Ghana has entered into partnerships with the National Banking College, WTC Accra and ICC Nigeria for the organization of conferences and events that are of interest to members and particularly focused at those that run cross-border businesses within both countries.