CCPIT Fujian and ICC Ghana have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote trade and investment.
With the signing of this MOU, the parties agree and undertake mutually to increase and consolidate trade relations, institutional, cultural and friendship between the territories they represent and thus among the companies associated with them.
For this purpose CCPIT Fujian and ICC Ghana (International Chamber of Commerce Ghana) will activate their respective organizational structures for carrying out activities relating to:
Exchanging business delegations to trade fairs, workshops, business days, training in the interests of member companies and in any case connected to the parties, both in Fujian at the CCPIT structures and in Ghana.
Cooperation and continuous exchange of information and updates concerning the rules and regulations of their respective countries in the field of export, customs procedures and special areas “Free Zone” in order to facilitate and speed up trade and import/export business between member companies and or linked to both Parties.
Co-operation in international business legal services and arbitration.