By In On April 26, 2018

Mr Edward Ribeiro of Ecobank and ICC Ghana has been appointed as the first African member of International Chamber of Commerce Banking Commission’s Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is the highest decision making and advisory body of the ICC Banking Commission. It serves as an advocacy body for countries, regulators and multi nationals to
support the development and promotion of responsible business conduct and sustainable International Trade.

Edward joins ICC Banking Commission EXCOM with a strong background in IT, Treasury, Risk & Project Management and International Trade Finance across the different regions in Africa.

Edward is the Group Head for Trade Finance Operations in Ecobank with responsibility for the 32 affiliates in the group.
He is also a reverend minister and pastor of ICGC Kingdom Temple. New Aplaku. Weija Old Barrier.

With over 85 years of experience and over 600 members in 90 Countries, the ICC Banking Commission has rightly gained a reputation as the most authoritative voice in the field of trade finance. Notably it produces universally accepted rules and standards for international banking practice. More than ever, the ICC Banking Commission is also helping policy makers and standard setters to create a regulatory framework that facilitates trade finance throughout the world.

In addition, ICC Banking Commission publications and market intelligence are among the industry’s most reputable and reliable sources of guidance to bankers and practitioners in a broad range of fields. The ICC Banking Commission enjoys long standing collaboration with leading intergovernmental and international organizations, including the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, SWIFT, and the World Bank, to mention a few.

ICC publications include UCP. ISBP. GTEES. FORFAITING. BPO. DOCDEX. ETC which have become authoritative decision making references in Trade Finance and International Trade

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